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e at AA farms Inc. Started over 10 years ago in 2005. We have been striving to grow the best Asian herbs and Vegetables that can be found in the United States. We grow over 61 herbs, vegetables, fruits  & roots and ship same day for you to pickup in order for your customers to have the freshest produce.

We pride ourselves in our quality. If you wish to become a customer, please click here and fill out the “New Customer Request Form”. From there we will contact you and set you up for online ordering.

Most Popular Herbs & Vegetables

Elert / កាភ្លូ

Pak Pav / ជីសាំហុំ

Etoo / ជីស័រ

Cowtong / ជីថ្ពាល់ត្រី

Kayang / ម្អម

Kapow / ម្រះព្រៅ

Saom / ស្អំ

Sompodee / មជូល្មម

Bitter Melon Leaf / ស្លឹកម្រះ

Pumpkin Leaf / ត្រួយល្ពៅ

Pak Nok / ត្រចៀកក្រាញ់

Kachat / កាឆែត


The best Asian produce

We take pride into growing and selecting the best product possible. We hope that you will try are products and your customers will know where to go to get the best asian herbs, vegetables and fruits around.

Benefits of Ordering from AA Farms inc.

  • We will select the best product available at the time
  • We will ship to your nearest Southwest of Delta cargo location
  • Easy online ordering and view or air bill
  • Online ordering will show you what is in season or not available
  • Call us with any questions

We Ship Same With Delta and South West Cargo


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Seasonal Fruits


Fruits are seasonal

All fruits are seasonal and usually are available from March to August, depending on the fruit. Through are online ordering you will see what is available.


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Try something new – or download a pdf of our products to print out to advertise what you customer might like. PDF available soon.

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